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When coating a floor or surface for durability and risk prevention, epoxy coatings stand as one of the best options to decide for. They offer excellent resistance and flexibility, making the floors’ surfaces waterproof and dust free, as well as very resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and chemicals. They were originally designed to withstand extreme damages – they are also used on aircraft carriers– so they are able to provide remarkable care to sensitive areas of any location. Epoxy coatings can be used on concrete as well as in protecting other surfaces such as wood, metal or fiberglass, among others.

Resin based floor coatings like epoxy have proven to be protective within industrial environments as well as at home, making all areas where applied durable and resistant against negative elements, weather, time or physical damage. Most of the coatings are lead-free and become harmless and non-toxic once they dry.

Epoxy flooring coatings have been specially engineered and designed to withstand industrial use, which makes them perfect to suit all the requirements of a number of different types of industries and locations. They offer anti-slip protection and high hygienic standards, as well as hard wearing, easy to clean decorative solutions perfect for leisure, automotive and commercial industries, which need to reflect corporate brandings while delineating safety areas or marking out guidance to fire exits in line with health and safety requirements. Industrial coatings such as epoxy also include in their features high resistance to a wide range of chemicals, to regular steam and chemical cleans, to pressure washing and to extreme temperatures, as required by food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries’ standards.

Another benefit of industrial floor coatings is that they need low maintenance. Epoxy coated floors are durable and easy to clean, non-slippery, protected against corrosion and very cost efficient. These coatings quickly provide a tough, protective coverage with proficient hardness and a resistance beyond that of latex-based and alkyd-based paints. In addition, some companies offer an individual tailoring of their epoxy coatings to include rough and smooth textures where they can be needed.

As industrial flooring in London continues to grow in demand due to its many benefits, preventing damage to the floors and risk of accidents for employees and customers, epoxy coverings stand as one of the best options for anti-slip, durability and safety features. Epoxy coatings hardly flake or chip, but improve and strengthen floor’s surfaces, increasing its resistance to abrasion and wear.

Therefore, industrial coatings and particularly epoxy coatings make an outstanding solution to protect long term utilization areas, even at home.

Why should you know more about Industrial Coatings?

Discover the 10 reasons that make floor coatings the best solution to prevent any risks at the workplace

A coating is a covering of chemical compounds which protects the design of the flooring and extends its durability, likewise making the floor more slip-resistant. Coatings are often applied to improve the surface properties: its appearance, adhesion, wettability, and resistance to corrosion, wear and scratch, amongst others. However, their purpose is not only prolonging the durability of floors, but also preventing injuries caused by uneven or slippery surfaces.

Damage to the floors such as cracks, holes or construction joint failure can cause major harm to both workers and machinery, becoming not only something expensive to repair but also a safety issue. Considering this, precaution through floor coating seems the best solution to avoid all troubles related to risk prevention and health behaviour.

Then, what are the exact benefits and features of industrial coatings?

1.) They strengthen and improve the floor surfaces in factories, commerce areas and public entry locations.
2.) Coatings increase the floors’ resistance to abrasion and wear.
3.) They also provide increased chemical resistance, which proves particularly useful for food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries, among others.
4.) They improve the appearance and ambience of the factory locations, providing dust free environments to work in.
5.) Coatings enable to delineate specific areas (i.e. safe walking areas, access routes, parking and ramps, etc.) on the factory or commercial floor.
6.) They can include rough and smooth textures where needed to increase the safety in certain locations.
7.) Anti-slip coating eliminates risks of strokes and falls.
8.) It also acts as an anti-corrosion primer on metal surfaces.
9.) Coatings are developed to withstand the heavy duty wear and tear of industrial use, thus extending the durability of the surfaces and preventing any damage.
10.) They are easy to clean and to maintain; much more than a regular floor without coating.

To these ten reasons why to use industrial floor coatings to protect surfaces, mainly in factories and commercial areas, there must be added the cost-efficiency that these mean for long term utilisationof a location. Epoxy coating is a good example of these types of floorings, offering hard wearing, decorative and anti-slip features, as well as being odour and taint free when required and able to cope with high temperatures, pressure washing, steam and chemical cleans, etc.

As coatings stand as the best solution for long term prevention against health and damage hazards, improvement and research on systems and materials continue to fulfil the increasing demand of industrial flooring in London, as well as around the world.

Because risk prevention and health behaviour are essential, anti-slip and industrial floor coatings have proven very necessary in everyday environments

Epoxy Flooring

At Hytech Industrial Coatings we are industrial flooring contractors and we carry out the coating of industrial stone floors using slip resistant Epoxy and urethane coatings which will withstand the heavy duty usage of many different industries. They meet all the registered safety standards and our team will carry out the work to high standards of quality. We will work around you and your team of staff so that the laying of the coating will give you and your business as minimum a disruption as possible.

We are a small Devon based company with a team of experienced flooring applicators and we are always cheaper than the other bigger companies around. Our Epoxy flooring acts as an anti corrosion primer on metal surfaces and can be tailored to include rough and smooth textures when required. With every floor coating we apply it will be guaranteed to offer superior longevity and will give your work premises an easily maintainable floor coating.

Testimonial from The Chord Company

I would like to comment on my experience with your company when you painted our production floor (12th & 13th February 2011), your workman Colin turned up at 8 o’clock as arranged.
Apart from one cup of coffee he did not stop working from the time he arrived. He stripped the entire floor back to bare concrete and put down the first coat. He then returned the following day to put down the second coat. He was friendly, tidy and had pride in his work, something you find rarely today. I cannot express my gratitude enough, the floor looks fantastic. If you ever need anyone for a reference for you service and workmanship please do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again thank you so much and please pass on my thanks to Colin.

Best Regards,
Ian Browne
Facilities Manager
The Chord Company Ltd