Why should you know more about Industrial Coatings?

Discover the 10 reasons that make floor coatings the best solution to prevent any risks at the workplace A coating is a covering of chemical compounds which protects the design of the flooring and extends its durability, likewise making the floor more slip-resistant. Coatings are often applied to improve the surface properties: its appearance, adhesion, wettability,

Epoxy Flooring

At Hytech Industrial Coatings we are industrial flooring contractors and we carry out the coating of industrial stone floors using slip resistant Epoxy and urethane coatings which will withstand the heavy duty usage of many different industries. They meet all the registered safety standards and our team will carry out the work to high standards of quality.

Testimonial from The Chord Company

I would like to comment on my experience with your company when you painted our production floor (12th & 13th February 2011), your workman Colin turned up at 8 o’clock as arranged. Apart from one cup of coffee he did not stop working from the time he arrived. He stripped the entire floor back to bare