Epoxy Flooring

At Hytech Industrial Coatings we are industrial flooring contractors and we carry out the coating of industrial stone floors using slip resistant Epoxy and urethane coatings which will withstand the heavy duty usage of many different industries. They meet all the registered safety standards and our team will carry out the work to high standards of quality. We will work around you and your team of staff so that the laying of the coating will give you and your business as minimum a disruption as possible.

We are a small Devon based company with a team of experienced flooring applicators and we are always cheaper than the other bigger companies around. Our Epoxy flooring acts as an anti corrosion primer on metal surfaces and can be tailored to include rough and smooth textures when required. With every floor coating we apply it will be guaranteed to offer superior longevity and will give your work premises an easily maintainable floor coating.

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