Why should you know more about Industrial Coatings?

Discover the 10 reasons that make floor coatings the best solution to prevent any risks at the workplace

A coating is a covering of chemical compounds which protects the design of the flooring and extends its durability, likewise making the floor more slip-resistant. Coatings are often applied to improve the surface properties: its appearance, adhesion, wettability, and resistance to corrosion, wear and scratch, amongst others. However, their purpose is not only prolonging the durability of floors, but also preventing injuries caused by uneven or slippery surfaces.

Damage to the floors such as cracks, holes or construction joint failure can cause major harm to both workers and machinery, becoming not only something expensive to repair but also a safety issue. Considering this, precaution through floor coating seems the best solution to avoid all troubles related to risk prevention and health behaviour.

Then, what are the exact benefits and features of industrial coatings?

1.) They strengthen and improve the floor surfaces in factories, commerce areas and public entry locations.
2.) Coatings increase the floors’ resistance to abrasion and wear.
3.) They also provide increased chemical resistance, which proves particularly useful for food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries, among others.
4.) They improve the appearance and ambience of the factory locations, providing dust free environments to work in.
5.) Coatings enable to delineate specific areas (i.e. safe walking areas, access routes, parking and ramps, etc.) on the factory or commercial floor.
6.) They can include rough and smooth textures where needed to increase the safety in certain locations.
7.) Anti-slip coating eliminates risks of strokes and falls.
8.) It also acts as an anti-corrosion primer on metal surfaces.
9.) Coatings are developed to withstand the heavy duty wear and tear of industrial use, thus extending the durability of the surfaces and preventing any damage.
10.) They are easy to clean and to maintain; much more than a regular floor without coating.

To these ten reasons why to use industrial floor coatings to protect surfaces, mainly in factories and commercial areas, there must be added the cost-efficiency that these mean for long term utilisationof a location. Epoxy coating is a good example of these types of floorings, offering hard wearing, decorative and anti-slip features, as well as being odour and taint free when required and able to cope with high temperatures, pressure washing, steam and chemical cleans, etc.

As coatings stand as the best solution for long term prevention against health and damage hazards, improvement and research on systems and materials continue to fulfil the increasing demand of industrial flooring in London, as well as around the world.

Because risk prevention and health behaviour are essential, anti-slip and industrial floor coatings have proven very necessary in everyday environments

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