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Industrial Flooring London
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Industrial Flooring London
Food Industry Flooring London
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is epoxy flooring?
Epoxy resin, which is used in the process of covering a floor, is a chemical that is commonly a two part system. Once the two parts are mixed, there is a small window of time before it starts to cure, or become solid, that we have to make the coating process. Naturally, there are ways to speed up and slow down this process, allowing us to cover smaller or larger areas in a good time frame and ensure that our cover is smooth and aesthetically pleasing.
How soon will I be able to use the newly coated floor?
Once the drying process is completed, it is advised to leave it for 24 hours before starting to use it. After around week, if you spill chemicals upon the floor, it will be quite resistant.
How resistant is the flooring?
Synthetic floorings are generally quite hard wearing and resistant to most things, but this does not mean that it is resistant to everything.
Some chemicals will react to the flooring degrading and destroying it. Most things however, will be harmless.
Do you offer different colours?
Yes, we are able to mix various different colours to suit your needs.
What industries do you cover?
As a company, Hy-Tech Industrial Coatings Ltd cover a range of industries. We showcase various projects on our home page which show that we have worked in the food industry, provided floorings for many businesses in the industrial sector and we also provide a domestic service. Please take a look at our services page above to find out more.
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