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The benefits of Epoxy Resin Flooring
This type of flooring was originally designed to withstand extreme damages – they are also used on aircraft carriers– so they are able to provide remarkable care to sensitive areas of any location. Epoxy coatings can be used on concrete as well as in protecting other surfaces such as wood, metal or fibre glass, among others.


Why Choose Epoxy Resin Flooring?
Heavy duty and hard wearing
They strengthen and improve the floor surfaces in factories to withstand the heavy duty wear and tear of industrial use, and in commerce areas and public entry locations wear use is heavier.
Increase Floor Resistance
Coatings increase the floors’ resistance to abrasion and wear. Industrial coatings such as epoxy also include in their features high resistance to a wide range of chemicals, to regular steam and chemical cleans, to pressure washing and to extreme temperatures, as required by food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries’ standards.
Improve appearance
They improve the appearance and ambience of the factory locations, providing dust free environments to work in.
Heavy duty and hard wearing
Coatings enable specific areas (i.e. safe walking areas, access routes, parking and ramps, etc.) on the factory or commercial floor to be easily delineated.
Antislip Option
Anti-slip coating eliminates risks of slips and falls and they can include rough and smooth textures where needed to increase the safety in certain locations.
Primer against anti - corrsion
It also acts as an anti-corrosion primer on metal surfaces.
Easy to maintain
They are easy to clean and to maintain; much more than a regular floor without coating.
It is a covering of chemical compounds which protect the design of the flooring and extends its durability, whilst also making the floor more slip-resistant. Epoxy resin coatings are often applied to improve the surface properties: its appearance, adhesion, wettability, and resistance to corrosion, wear and scratches, as well as high temperatures and chemical damage. However, their purpose is not only prolonging the durability of floors, but also preventing injuries caused by uneven or slippery surfaces.
Safety Floor Coatings London
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